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Zoom Business, Covid and Community Recovery

COVID-19 has literally shut down businesses and economies around the world. For many small businesses, this has been, and could continue to be devastating.

So how can we help them mitigate this disaster until they are able to open their doors fully, and start the recovery process?

Recently GIS Planning launched a new tool to help communities support their local businesses during the shutdown. It's an interactive business listing/ map, where businesses can quickly add themselves and details (curbside delivery, reduced hours, gift card program, promos). It also gets displayed on an attractive map, and residents can choose the category they are looking for (restaurant, bank, pharmacy, etc) to find what they need. They are calling it “ZoomBusiness”.

In this episode we speak with VP Marketing, Alissa Sklar about the new tool- how it works, the problem it is solving, and how they are helping businesses now!

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