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What about winter preparedness?

Winter brings special seasonal challenges to individuals and families. Winter storms can make navigating roads and walkways hazardous; power outages and snow days highlight any family's readiness for cold weather.

So what are some practical ways you can be more prepared for what winter weather brings?

In this episode, we spoke with preparedness expert Cheryl Nelson about how to better prepare your home and vehicle for winter conditions. With nearly two decades of on-camera experience, in both the studio and in the field, Cheryl is a spokesperson, lifestyle tv host, meteorologist, natural disaster preparedness expert and travel, home & family preparedness specialist. Cheryl has appeared on BBC World News, Fox and Friends, the national talk show The Real, The Weather Channel, The AccuWeather Network and CNBC. She also hosted the TV special Get Ready America: The National Hurricane Survival Test which aired in fifty television markets in the United States. Her successful satellite media tours on severe weather/hurricane preparedness and the lifesaving importance of disaster preparedness kits are seen by millions of people nationwide.

Products to help you prepare for winter:

  1. Emergency Vehicle Kit:

  2. Window Insullation Kit:

  3. Handwarmers:

  4. Thermal Blankets:

  5. Honeywell Turbo Force space heater:

  6. Honeywell Ceramic space heater:

  7. Cummins Home Standby generator:

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