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Waste to wearables

Fashionable marine waste is one potential solution to debris management post-disaster. When hurricanes hit, many yachts end up badly damaged, many of which are never recovered.

In this MYD Global episode, we speak with Christian Schlebach, Founder of Re-Sails about why he started the company in 1996, as well as the problem he is helping solve.

Re-Sails was the first in the market to manufacture sail bags and accessories out of repurposed sails. Christian knew that their sails could be repurposed into something else. Realizing the potential of Dacron in different applications he took sails destined for the dumpster, and started designing jackets and bags out of his garage. Agter two years of sewing at home and doing boat shows, it was decided that a store in Newport, RI was the next step.

The Original Recycled Sail Seabag is made from 100% recycled sail cloth. Re-Sails makes limited runs of these bags and every one is totally unique, no two are the same. It is an inspiring episode about how creative entrepreneurs can make something positive from a disaster.

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