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Volcano preparedness

How to prepare for a volcanic eruption isn't that easy. However there are some basic things you can do.

Dr. Greg A. Valentine is a volcanologist — a geologist who specializes in volcanoes and the processes that lead to their formation. His expertise covers a wide range of issues tied to volcanoes. This includes the underground “plumbing” of volcanoes, the characteristics of eruptions (lava, ash, gases, mudflows, etc.), volcanic risk, disaster preparedness and forecasting volcanic activity. Greg is an expert on volcanoes in the western United States, a highly active volcanic area. He also provides insight on supervolcanoes — volcanic systems with huge explosive potential.

At the University of Buffalo, he leads the Center for Geohazards Studies, which seeks to reduce death, injury and other harmful impacts of natural phenomena such as volcanic eruptions, landslides, mudflows and avalanches. He also heads a National Science Foundation-funded study that examines how communities near long-active U.S. volcanoes can prepare for disaster. In this episode we talk about volcanoes, and how people living in near proximity can be more prepared.

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