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Teaching helicopter pilots fo fight forest fires

Teaching helicopter pilots to fight forest fires from the air involves highly specialized training. The idea of fighting forest fires from the air dates back several decades. Specialized fire fighting training helps pilots become better prepared and coordinated to help fight wildfires. Pilots can also help with search and rescue operations.

In this MYD Global episode we speak with Cathy Press, CEO and Owner of Chinook Helicopters, a flight training school based out of Abbotsford, British Columbia, which has become a national leader in training some of the best helicopter pilots in Canada and around the world. Cathy, has grown Chinook Helicopters from three to 13 helicopters (3 Bell 206s, 3 R44s and 6 Bell 47s) and has three original-design Helicopter Simulators that are customized to the needs of its customers. Cathy has also spread her wings into the aeroplane flight training arena over the last two years and already boasts 4 Cessna 172S and 3 Diamond Twinstars that have been added to her already impressive helicopter fleet. She has also added her first original-design certified multi-engine Aeroplane Simulator with a Garmin 1000 glass cockpit.

Chinook’s courses are heralded as the “Harvard of Training Programs” and renown for their world-class instructors. They offer every training course available from private, commercial, night, instrument flight rules, multi-engine, instructor and airline transport. British Columbia's vast mountainous and heavily forested terrain also makes it ideal for mountain training and attracts trainees from all across Canada, as well as amongst others, USA, Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Iceland, Thailand, China, Philippines, Bhutan and Nepal.

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