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Shimrit Perko-Finkel- Lost Too Soon

In August 2019, I recorded my first of two interviews with marine biologist Dr. Shimrit Perko-Finkel. She truly was a visionary entrepreneur. As Founder of ECOncrete she was committed to leaving the world a better place.

I first met Shimrit in 2019 at a GroYourBiz event in Vancouver. As a scuba diver myself, I understood her passion for the ocean, and admired what she was trying to achieve in the area of coastal erosion. A few weeks after we met, I was honored to be able to help Shimrit prepare her pitch to Sir Richard Branson at his “Pitch to Rich” competition, which she won in October 2019. Our second of two interviews happened a few hours after her win. She was so excited about what the future held!

On March 9, 2021, the world lost an angel when Shimrit was killed in a fatal vehicle accident. It truly is a great loss for her family, her industry, and the world. I wanted to reshare my first MYD Global interview with Shimrit, as I recognize the important work she began must continue. Feel free to share her passion and vision for our coastlines.

In this original MYD Pro Talk, Shimrit speaks about her company's proprietary ecological engineering technology, used in artificial reef construction and mitigation, as a great alternative to concrete. Her nature based solution replaces barren gray urban coastlines and waterfronts with high-performance, resilient, blue-green infrastructure around the world. Application of ECOncrete's innovative technology is helping mitigate impacts of flooding and sea level rise on human settlements, while fostering highly productive, thriving ecosystems at the same time. Tune in to hear more- and rest in peace Shimrit.

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