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Sharing hope and healing through cards can be powerful.

Sharing hope and healing through cards can be powerful. Life can be challenging - how you manage it makes the difference.

Elizabeth McNaughton and Jolie Wills have worked in disaster recovery around the world for over fifteen years. They also led the recovery team during the Christchurch Earthquakes where they helped over 5,000 people. Among them were some of their own friends and family, making this experience deeply personal. Realization that helping one person, one community, one disaster at a time was no longer enough, lit the spark that became Hummingly. Elizabeth and Jolie set about creating easy to use resilience tools that people, communities and workplaces the world over could access. These proven tools are based on Elizabeth and Jolie’s knowledge gained in real disaster and crisis situations; wisdom built on feedback from disaster survivors, witnessing their own disaster team suffer extreme stress and burnout in locations around the world, their background in cognitive psychology and a shared passion to prepare the world to do stress and uncertainty well. Cards for Calamity help people navigate life after disaster. Comprised of tales, tips and tricks, these 70 cards make life a little easier. In practical and profound ways, they guide people through the weeks, months and years after disaster. To come out of a disaster the best you can, it helps to have knowledge and inspiration from others who have been there before.

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