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Restore a roof and provide hope and community recovery.

Restore a roof and provide hope and community recovery.

That's what PRoTechos does. PRoTechos was founded in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria to rebuild and repair roofs damaged by the hurricane, and teach local residents resilient building techniques.

As a 501(c)3 and Puerto Rico 1101.01 non-profit corporation, it was founded with the dual mission of rebuilding damaged roofs in underserved communities throughout the island while providing residents with basic carpentry training, addressing both housing needs and the shortage of skilled construction workers in Puerto Rico. PRoTechos pays trainees minimum wage in a "learn and earn" program so that they can continue to feed their families as they learn valuable skills that will enable them to obtain employment on an island where so much construction is needed. Starting with the most urgent cases, PRoTechos rebuilds roofs with the help of volunteers, skilled carpenters and trainees, drawn from community residents who are willing and able.

In this video we speak to Emily Roisman, President and CLO of PRoTechos about why the program was founded, how it works, how little it costs to provide a safe, resilient roof for protection, and how her organization is training Puerto Ricans to develop this skill, and build additional construction capacity on the Island. It is a great example of how local people can, and should be engaged in their own recovery, thus becoming both a beneficiary and participant in their own rebuild.

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