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Resilient Recovery

Promoting resilient recovery is a growing focus of many communities. Resilient Cities Network brings together global knowledge, practice, partnerships, and funding to empower its members to build safe, equitable cities. Resilient recovery is a priority for them.

In this episode we speak with Laurian Farrell, Director for North America, Resilient Cities Network. Laurian works with cities to implement impactful resilience solutions. Throughout her 20-year career as a Water Resources Engineer with a master’s degree in Landscape Architecture she has worked at the confluence of engineering science, policy, and people to successfully execute visions at various municipal, engineering consulting, and philanthropic organizations. Prior to joining R-Cities, Laurian worked at 100RC as an Associate Director of Global Resilience Practice. She was also the Senior Manager for Environment at the City of Brampton, Ontario, where she project managed the city’s Riverwalk initiative, a $250-million flood protection and downtown revitalization project. Laurian spent 11 years at the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, where she led the Flood Risk Management and Infrastructure Department and worked closely with municipalities on their flood and emergency preparedness plans.

In this episode we will speak to Laurian about her work at the Network and the work they are doing to help foster resilient recovery on a global scale.

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