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Resilient Homes & Communities

Building resilient homes and communities is something Enterprise Community Partners knows a lot about.

Enterprise Community Partners is the only national non-profit in the U.S. that addresses America’s affordable housing crisis from every angle, combining 40 years of experience, thousands of local partners and the expertise of over 1,100 employees nationwide. They are organized around three central goals: to increase housing supply, advance racial equity and build resilience and upward mobility.

In this MYD Global episode we speak with affordable housing expert Laurie Schoeman about some of the initiatives her organization is involved with in order to promote more resilient homes and communities. Laurie oversees Enterprise’s efforts to preserve and protect affordable housing across the US from the risks and impacts of natural hazards and a changing climate. Her team assists CDCs, cities, states and the federal government in a wide range of communities across the nation to develop housing that can sustain impacts of natural hazards and incorporate innovative resiliency ideas, technical assistance, and advocacy support into post-event reconstruction of communities. She leads the development of guidance and tools such as the Keep Safe guide to resilient housing and design in Island Communities. Prior to joining Enterprise, Laurie led the development of capital and educational projects across the US including the development of San Francisco’s award winning, first Living Building, Platinum Leed certified off-grid education training center; the EcoCenter at Herons’ Head Park [], New York City’s first school-based rooftop greenhouse STEM education center; the nation’s first housing integrated urban agriculture systems; Sky Farms at Forest Houses Public Housing []; and a community flagship art center in the South Bronx, the Bronx River Art Center [].

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