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Resilient Ecosystems

Protecting natural ecosystems from disasters is something Tim Christophersen spearheads in his capacity as the Head of the Nature for Climate Branch, UN Environment Programme (UNEP) in Nairobi, Kenya. And as more and more communities and organizations around the world are seeking ways to protect and improve the overall resilience of their ecosystems, Tim's work is becoming even more important. In this MYD Global episode, we speak with Tim about what his organization is doing to promote ecosystem resilience around the world, with a focus on the environment. As his organization prepares to launch the "UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration" in January 2021, this issue will no doubt continue to become even more important on the global stage. Professionally speaking, Tim is an experienced leader and transformational change agent for sustainable development, with a demonstrated history of working in international policy arena, public-private partnerships, fundraising, and team building. He has a strong vision and technical base in natural resources management, biodiversity, land restoration, and climate change. He is also the Chair of a global Partnership of 30+ leading organizations including World Bank, United Nations, Governments, and private sector.

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