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Keep Safe Miami

Keep Safe Miami is a program developed by Enterprise Community Partners and the City of Miami, that equips affordable housing owners and operators with tools to assess their buildings' resilience to climate change and natural disasters, and provide them with actionable strategies and guidance on financing to address these vulnerabilities.

Keep Safe Miami includes four components:

• Portfolio Risk Analysis Tool - identify at a high-level the most and least resilient properties in a portfolio.

• Property Resilience Audit Tool - evaluate specific needs of properties and identify resilience strategies at the building level through site assessments.

• Funding Resources Guide - provide information to affordable owners and portfolio managers about available resources as they work to secure capital to implement relevant resilience strategies.

• Training – Residents will soon be able to sign up to receive free training on disaster preparedness, as well as actions they can take to increase their energy efficiency and save on costs.

In this MYD Global episode we speak to Sara Haas, the Keep Miami Safe Lead, for Enterprise Community Partners, about the program, and how you can find out more.

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