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Islands and Debris Management

Debris management in island communities is a significant issue. Approximately 730 million people live on some 15,000 islands in the world. Waste and resource management is a major challenge to sustainability within these communities. Simon Penney is a humanitarian and visionary with 25 years in the global waste management industry, he is an award winning international waste management professional, and founder of WasteAid the Waste Management Charity and the inspiration behind WasteAid Australia. He holds a Master’s degree in Waste Management and is currently undertaking post graduate research at Queens University, Ontario Canada. He has worked worldwide both in public and private sectors. He is also an Island Ambassador 2021 for Guernsey/Canada with the Island Innovation Global Island Network, past member of the Chartered Institute of Wastes Management, the Society of the Environment and fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society. He grew up on the British Channel Island of Guernsey where he worked as the Islands very first waste regulation officer between 1995 and 2000. In this episode we will speak with Simon about some of the waste challenges and solutions for island communities.

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