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Is your community Resilience READI?

Is your community Resilience READI?

Is disaster-resilience a major goal for your community? Are you trying to find a model for recovery and resiliency post COVID? Then look no further! Our Resilience READI approach is a sustainable, workable, affordable model for your community. It is based on a commitment to resilience, engagement of stakeholders, assessment and mitigation of risks, a flexible framework and the ability to implement and improve over time.

Don't waste your time and money on complicated, unproven theoretical constructs. Our practical model is based on decades of practical experience, refined over time in real life post-disaster environments.

Check out our video, and find out if you are the next community to become READI!

To view the video again:

For more information about the READI program, contact Leann Hackman-Carty at MYD Global ( or Stephen Jordan at the Institute for Sustainable Development (

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