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Including the arts in disaster recovery

Including the arts in disaster management isn't something high on an emergency manager's priority list; however, it can play a unique role in community recovery. Communities across the world are being hit by an unprecedented wave of natural disasters: hurricanes in the Caribbean and United States; earthquakes in New Zealand; wildfires and floods in Australia; and tsunamis in Japan. Barely a week goes by without a new disaster leaving more communities on the long road to recovery. However, disasters can also bring hope for a better future. A growing network of artists, cultural and community workers are taking the lead in helping their communities recover through creativity. In this episode, we speak with Scotia Monkivitch, Executive Officer of the Creative Recovery Network (CRN) in Brisbane, Australia about the work she and others are doing in trying to train and include artists in the recovery process. Her Network gathers, critiques, develops and shares knowledge on how to engage the arts in disaster recovery and preparedness, along with providing tools and support for artists working in the field. Everybody needs to be part of their own community recovery. It is essential to long term recovery and resiliency.

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