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Hurricane Resilient Building Design

Founded in 1968, Deltec Homes is a family-owned company based out of Asheville, NC. It began as Delta Technologies and primarily built round homes for resort communities. As more and more of their guests inquired about building their own round home, Deltec's business shifted from commercial to residential. In 1995, the name was changed to Deltec Homes.

Today, over 85% of Deltec's homes are residential and best known for their energy efficiency and hurricane resistance. Deltec offers unique round, traditional and modern prefabricated kits designed to provide a healthy, comfortable environment that protects homeowners.

In this MYD Global interview, we speak with Steve Linton, President of Deltec Homes about how they use shape, choice of materials and overall site design to create more hurricane resilient homes. He also talks about how dealing with the 3 W's (wind, water and working out a plan) can help any homeowner better prepare for hurricanes. In Steve's words, they are a company that wants to change how the world builds, one home at a time.

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