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Hurricane Dorian recovery and Mission Resolve

Hurricane Dorian recovery and Mission Resolve efforts are still ongoing, months after the initial disaster. Recovery takes time. Mission Resolve Foundation is a nonprofit organization that helps to minimize the challenges coastal communities face. In times of disaster, they act as a facilitator for governments and NGOs providing global experience and large-scale logistical deployment expertise.  Their team immediately responds by clearing channels and providing personnel, vessels, and response equipment. The Foundation’s goal is to lead by example and assist all others in their respective disciplines. Mission Resolve Foundation also helps address critical maritime environmental initiatives, which include marine plastics cleanup, coastal erosion mitigation, and other pressing ocean-related needs.  Mission Resolve also fosters its marine conservation support by providing extensive educational initiatives for schools, educators, and communities around the world. In this video we speak with Barbara Coury about the important work they are doing, and why disaster philanthropy is so important in the recovery phase.

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