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How to measure natural and man made disaster risk

How do you measure natural and man made disaster risk?

When disasters happen, decisionmakers need access to good information quickly.

In Canada, the CatIQ platform houses the national insurance industry’s loss and exposure database, which is a one-stop shop for measuring natural and man made disaster risk based on specific catastrophic loss information. The platform includes visualization tools, as well as a number of data feeds from external sources including radar and cloud cover, earthquakes, hurricanes, water levels, wildfires and significant weather outlooks. Subscribers get quick access to comprehensive datasets to support quick decisions.

Laura Twidle is Managing Director at CatIQ. In this MYD Global episode, she explains what CatIQ does, and how it provides detailed analytical and meteorological information to serve the needs of the insurance / reinsurance / ILS industries, public sector and other stakeholders in addressing catastrophic risk.

In addition to its ongoing work in measuring natural and man made disaster risk, CatIQ organizes an annual conference to profile work being done in the area of catastrophic risk measurement. Conference presentations provide content driven overviews of catastrophes, and discuss strategies in catastrophe management.

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