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Honduras Relief

Hurricane Eta Honduras Relief is a priority for Opportunity International Canada. On November 5, 2020, Hurricane Eta made landfall on the Caribbean Coast of Honduras. Days before it arrived, heavy rains already battered the landscape causing landslides, mudslides, overflowing rivers and streams, and washing away roads. As clouds cleared, the destruction left behind became clear. Entire cities were under water as people sought refuge on roofs of houses waiting for passing boats to rescue them. For a country that had one of the highest death rates due to COVID-19 and strict lockdown measures resulting in a high percentage of clients unable to generate income – this was yet another compounding disaster.

Through it all, Opportunity International Canada remained in contact with Instituto Para El Desarrollo Hondureño (IDH), its Implementing Partner in Honduras in order to help continue meeting their cients needs. Before the storm, they had been restructuring loans due to COVID, but after the storm, it became even more difficult, as client homes and other assets, were destroyed.

The Opportunity Honduras Rebuilding Fund was launched to equip IDH wiith financial resources needed to respond to this natural disaster.

Monies raised will go towards:

• Loan forgiveness for clients who need time and financial resources to save and rebuild their businesses

• Operational support for IDH as they endeavour to support clients and staff who lost everything in the floods

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