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Fighting Plastic Pollution on the Border

The Mexican American toxic water crisis is real, and it's a disaster that needs addressed. Every year, tens of millions of gallons of raw sewage spills into the Tijuana River on the Mexican Side and flow across the border right into Southern California, polluting the land, air, and sea. Mexico and the United States both think the other side should be doing more to clean it up, with no effective solution found on either side of the border for decades.

In this episode we speak with Fay Crevoshay- Engelmayer about what is really happening, and what needs to be done as soon as possible to address this environmental disaster. Fay is a former NPR and El Financiero reporter and ran her own media relations firm before joining the WILDCOAST team in 2001. As Communications & Policy Director, Fay develops strategies and cultivates relationships with key elected and appointed officials, while forging partnerships with organizations from the private and social sectors to implement WILDCOAST’s public policy agenda in Mexico and the United States. Fay’s internationally acclaimed conservation communications campaigns have been reported on by 60 Minutes, the Wall Street Journal, NPR, New York Times, BBC, CNN, Televisa, among others. Fay is a native of Mexico City and has a M.A. in Political Science, York University; M.A. in International Relations University of Las Americas; B.A. in Economics Bar-Ilan University, Israel.

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