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FEMA's Community Lifelines

FEMA developed the community lifelines construct to increase effectiveness in disaster operations and better position the Agency to respond to catastrophic incidents. These lifelines reframe incident information to provide decision-makers with impact statements and summarize the root causes of disruptions to lifeline services. It maximizes the effectiveness of federally supported, state managed, and locally executed response. There are seven community lifelines. Each one enables continuous operation of critical government and business functions and is essential to human health and safety or economic security.

In this MYD Global episode, we speak with Timothy Riecker. Timothy has served in public safety for over twenty years, the majority of which have been in the field of Emergency Management. He is recognized internationally as a specialist in incident management and NIMS; emergency operations center management; defense support to civil authorities (DSCA); public safety event planning and management; instructional design and delivery; and exercise design, conduct, and evaluation using the HSEEP methodology. He has been interviewed by the GAO on two separate occasions as a subject matter expert in emergency management.

Timothy helps us better understand what community lifelines are, and how they are being used not only in response, but in preparedness and recovery as well.

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