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Establishing a Business Resiliency Centre

How to establish a business resiliency center is the focus of this MYD Global episode.

Given the increase in the frequency and impact of disasters, we should all be looking at ongoing ways to promote preparedness, planning, response and recovery efforts throughout the year, not just after a disaster.

The concept of Business Resiliency Center's (BRC's) is one currently being promoted by the Institute for Sustainable Development. The first one is being launched by the Galveston Economic Development Partnership.

In this episode we speak with Jeffrey Sjostrom, President, Galveston Economic Development Partnership about the BRC concept, in particular what role it can play in helping communities be more prepared and resilient to disasters. It is a great model to facilitate greater networking, collaboration, and sharing of best practices.

If you would like to find out more about how to start a BRC in your community, contact the Institute for Sustainable Development at or the Galveston Economic Development Partnership at

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