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Disasters, Faith and the Lighthouse Program

Disasters, Faith and the Lighthouse pilot program are something Michelle Sullivan knows well. Michelle coordinates activities of the Lighthouse Program, a capacity-building initiative that develops and implements collaborative action plans with faith-based organizations and non-governmental organizations involved in disaster relief for vulnerable populations.

As an experienced emergency responder, she is motivated to build up community resiliency through various programs and initiatives and passionate about engaging neighbourhoods and communities. She is also a participant of SSEER - Social Science Extreme Events Research. Member of the Canadian Sociological Association and presenter to the XIX ISA World Conference R39 Sociology of Disasters.

In this episode, Michelle talks about how the Lighthouse program started, how it reaches out to various faith communities in her region, and how this model could easily be replicated in other communities. It is an innovative program, successfully engaging many communities, that have not traditionally been part of a local emergency management program.

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