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Disasters and cybersecurity basics

Cybersecurity and cyberwarfare are a growing concern for many individuals, businesses, organizations and communities. We need to think more about how we are protecting various systems, networks, and programs from the growing potential for digital attacks. Today's cyberhackers are much more sophisticated, engaging in corporate espionage, misinformation, market manipulation, disruption of infrastructure, data theft, extortion and vandalism. Being able to mitigate these threats requires businesses to not only think of cybersecurity as a business risk, but to act on it too.

In this episode we speak with Janne Haldesten about disasters and cybersecurity basics. Janne is Co-founder of Sectyne AB (Sweden) and Sectyne LLC (the United States). He is also a seasoned, versatile cyber specialist/analyst and incident handler with a keen eye on IT-security, AI, ICS/SCADA, IoT, cyberspace operations and foreign policy.

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