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Disaster Logistics

Disasters and supply chain management are overlooked many times; however, they are a critical issue for communities, businesses and non-profits to consider in advance of a disaster. When disaster strikes, few things are more important than good logistics. In fact, it’s often the key differentiator between wanting to deliver help and actually being able to. The American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN) is an industry-wide organization that exists to provide supply chain assistance to disaster relief organizations (and other non-profits). They do this by bringing expertise and resources of the logistics industry together with non-profit disaster relief organizations  to solve their most pressing supply chain challenges immediately after disasters strikes.   That way, help – and hope – arrive sooner. Just as important, they exist to help humanitarian organizations make every logistics dollar count, given that studies show up to 80% of their crisis spending goes to logistics. And of that, as much as 40% may be wasted simply because they don’t have the right supply chain equipment, knowledge or connections at their disposal.

In this video I speak with Kathy Fulton, Executive Director for ALAN about the important work they are doing to help make disaster logistics easier for everyone.


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