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Chuck Vollmer talks disaster debris recovery, recycling and reuse: The Jobenomics approach

Debris management is becoming its own discipline given the increase in number and scope of disasters. Landfills can fill up overnight.

Urban mining is defined as a process of reclaiming raw materials and metals from municipal waste streams including construction and demolition material (C&D), municipal solid waste (MSW), electronic waste (e-waste) and tires. Planning ahead can help communities better prepare for the potential influx of significant waste into their landfills.

In this episode, We speak with Chuck Vollmer, head of Jobenomics about his urban mining solution. In his opinion, every community should consider urban mining to (1) reclaim valuable raw materials and metals, (2) reduce landfilling and exporting of toxic waste, (3) mitigate environmental pollution associated with traditional surface and subsurface mining operations, and (4) produce revenue for local business and job creation.

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