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Buying the right generator!

Buying a generator can be overwhelming. So many options to choose from. When storms occur, many individuals and business owners are forced to make quick decisions in the interest of protecting their property and assets and inventory.

Having the right generator can make all the difference by providing you with a reliable, backup power system.

In this MYD Global episode we speak with Ron Weingartz, Owner and VP Sales for Weingartz about how to select the right generator for a specific use. In particular the types of questions you need to ask yourself before selecting a generator.

For example:

- What are you wanting to back up (e.g. refridgerator, furnace, computers etc.)?

- What is your budget?

- What size do you need? Number of watts?

- Fuel type (propane, natural gas, diesel)?

- Noise level?

- Standby or portable?

- Run time?

- Ongoing maintenance, warranties?

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