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Business Innovation Lab in Puerto Rico aids recovery efforts

Puerto Rico's Resiliency and Business Innovation Lab is one of Puerto Rico's gems. It is housed at the Puerto Rico Science, Technology & Research Trust. The Trust invests, facilitates, and builds capacity to advance Puerto Rico’s economy and its citizens’ well-being through innovation-driven enterprises, science and technology and its industrial base.

In this episode we speak with Gilberto Guevara, Director of the Trust's Response Innovation Lab (RIL) about how he is working to promote innovation and business resiliency post Hurricane Maria, in particular, how it is supporting events and convening actors around humanitarian challenges, analyzing problems, and promoting innovations and innovators that create an impact on the island.

Puerto Rico has experienced an unprecedented 2017 hurricane season with Irma and Maria, and was recently hit by a series of earthquakes. RIL aims to support the prevention, response, and recovery of such events with innovative solutions, partners, and ideas. He also mentions a contest that will be launched in January for students in grade 6-12 to engage them in innovative solutions.

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