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Business & Economic Recovery Accelerator Launched!

It's not IF a disaster is going to happen, it's WHEN. ​MYD Global is committed to providing affordable, practical tools for communities for them to use in their ongoing preparation, response and recovery efforts.

​In response to COVID-19 crisis, we have launched our MYD Global Business & Economic Recovery Accelerator, in partnership with OcotUX, to provide communities with an immediate ability to survey their business community with our custom survey. Actional survey data is stored in the database, and tickets are used to track your team's actions, time spent, updates and results. Our unique Accelerator utilizes HubSpot to provide you with real time data on local business needs; help you identify urgent business issues and challenges; and see emerging trends. Accessing this information is critical as you begin to develop your own business and economic recovery strategies and tactics.

From our experience, we know this easy to use CRM and marketing software is something communities need. It provides them with everything they need to organize, track and build better relationships with their local business community in a pre- and post- disaster environment. We are thrilled to be able to provide a range of options to communities including both Free (INSIDER) and Customized (VIP and ELITE) versions. Whatever option you choose, it is a great tool for individual businesses to use in their ongoing response and recovery efforts. ​

Sign up for our Accelerator today at so your community can start its business and economic recovery now!

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