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Bushfires in Australia- Promoting Resilience Down Under

Bushfires in Australia continue to burn, while response and recovery workers aim to make the land down under more disaster-resilient. Australia is experiencing an unprecedented bushfire season. To date, the response efforts have been tremendous, but it is far from over. Fires are still burning, and homes have been lost. While some communities are starting to recover, others are still very much in response. Furthermore, when it comes to quantifying impact, it is very complex. There are psychological/mental health impacts, business and economic impacts, and environmental impacts. All of these are intertwined, making it very difficult for communities, organizations and individuals to address.

In this episode, I speak with Amanda Lamont, Director Engagement & Projects, Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience about what she is seeing, how groups like her Institute are responding, and her thoughts on how Australia needs to build back more resilient in the future.

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