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Blue Economy in Caribbean

Promoting a blue economy in the Caribbean is the topic of this MYD Global episode.

Last year, Veta Wade watched #HurricaneDorian suck the soul from Abaco Island, in The Bahamas. It was another transformational moment in her life and career. After the Hurricane had passed, there was a father who was filmed on the news sharing his experience. He was recounting the last moments he had with his son. His son was 6/7 yrs old. He spoke of trying to swim with his son to safety. He got injured, in the very intense and extreme conditions that he found himself in; and the violent waves in the street, ripped his son off his back.

Well, that did it for Veta. At that moment, her heart broke. She called up a friend and mentor. She felt so helpless, and asked, ''What more can we do?" her friend told her to dream up bigger ideas, and build stronger teams that get it, build community around the solutions. So, as a Caribbean national, that is exactly what she's doing.

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