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#CARIBBEANREADI Fund- Investing in community disaster resilience and recovery

The #CARIBBEANREADI Fund was launched to address long-term recovery and resiliency needs in Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, BVI, and USVI post Hurricane Irma, Maria and Dorian.

There is a real urgency for this type of investment in the region as the needs are profound.

In the Bahamas alone, they will need to recover from over $7 Billion in housing, education, health, environment, and infrastructure damages caused by Hurricane Dorian.

Working in conjunction with public authorities, private companies, and voluntary organizations active in disasters, the #CARIBBEANREADI Fund is helping improve lives, livelihoods, and living environments for low, and moderate income people living in these vulnerable, threatened areas. Specifically, the Fund supports recovery for small businesses, housing, schools, health services, parks, recreation, and access to connectivity, broadband, and information technology.

To donate to the #CARIBBEANREADI Fund go to

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The Fund is administered by the Institute for Sustainable Development, a 501c(3) organization headquartered in Washington, DC. To find out more:

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