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National Risk Index

The National Risk Index (The Index) is an online tool to help illustrate U.S. communities most at risk of natural hazards. It is a collaboration between FEMA and dozens of partners in academia; local, state and federal government; and private industry.

The Index leverages source data to provide a holistic view of community-level risk nationwide by combining multiple hazards with socioeconomic and built environment factors. It calculates a baseline relative risk measurement for each U.S. county and census tract for 18 natural hazards, based on Expected Annual Loss, Social Vulnerability, and Community Resilience. It’s intended to help users better understand the natural hazard risk of their respective areas or communities, including planners and emergency managers at the local, regional, state and federal levels, as well as other decision makers and interested members of the general public.

The goal is that with improved understanding of natural hazard risk, communities can take action to reduce it.

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