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Covid Retail Recovery

Covid Retail Recovery brings its own unique challenges. To assist retailers in their reopening planning, the Retail Council of Canada, in collaboration with Boston Consulting Group and retailers from across Canada, prepared the Road to Retail Recovery Playbook to help retailers, large and small, plan for reopening this important sector post-COVID. The Playbook has a framework of key issues to consider as retailers prepare to operate within the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic environment. In this episode we speak with Diane Brisbois, President and CEO, Retail Council of Canada about some of the common challenges facing retailers now, and the role their Playbook is helping to retailers better understand a range of issues including: customer health and safety; employee wellbeing; retail operations; merchandising and marketing; store network and channel; as well as financing.

For more information on the Retail Council of Canada, or to access the Playbook, checklists, guidelines and videos go to

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